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Paradoxes and Catalysts on the Path of Change

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Meet Your Host, Kelly Blaser

Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is dedicated to the power of metta (loving-kindness), meditation, and creative practice as avenues for accessing reality, and thus, true transformation at the personal and collective level. 

Kelly offers programs in meditation, mindfulness, creativity, and compassionate self-inquiry. She teaches practices that help people pierce through conditioning, open up to possibility, access authentic experiences of bold self-expression, heal splits inside themselves, and connect with the courage to create and accept change, both internally and collectively. 

She draws inspiration from the Zen, Vipassana, Vajrayana, Śaiva, and Śakta teachings, as well as from the wildness of nature, the insight of poetry, and the power of social change movements.​

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