Get the Full Library of The Power of Meditation Season 7!

With Host Kelly Blaser, LMFT & Dharma Teacher

With Host Kelly Blaser, LMFT & Dharma Teacher

Get the FULL LIBRARY OF THE power of meditation season 7!

How to Heal Trauma and Build Resilience Through Dharma and Psychotherapy

I was delighted to bring you this year’s Power of Meditation Summit – focused on the intersection of Dharma and Psychotherapy, two brilliant disciplines for healing trauma, building resilience, and allowing each being to open to true nature. 

Dharma comes from the Sanskrit root dhr, meaning “to support.” Dharma refers to the vast collection of wisdom teachings from South and East Asian spiritual traditions that support awakening and insight into the nature of reality. And our Dharma practices can get deeply supported inside the mirroring container of Psychotherapy. 

Here’s what we explored:

– How to extend compassion to all parts of yourself

– How to build safety, take charge of your emotions, and recommit to intimacy after a traumatic experience

– The instinctual drive toward enlightenment and how to use your body, breath, movement, and meditation to awaken and heal

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Kelly Blaser Interviews with:

Sally Kempton​

Rick Hanson​

Kaira Jewel Lingo​

Meet your Meditation Teachers

An esteemed group of dharma teachers, psychotherapists, meditators, and mystics who offer deep reflections about how to heal trauma, build resilience, and support others to do the same.

Dick Schwartz, PhD

Founder of the Internal Family Systems psychotherapeutic model and bestselling author

A.H. Almaas (Hameed)

Founder of the Diamond Approach path and head of the Ridhwan School

Dr. Sue Morter

International speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine, and founder of the Morter Institute

Nicole Taylor

Founder, A Joyful Pause

Sianna Sherman

Visionary & Founder, Rasa Yoga Collective

Fleet Maull, PhD

Investor, Founder & CEO, Author, & Meditation Teacher

Ntathu Allen

Self-Care Yoga Nidra Meditation Facilitator for Busy Black Women

Rick Hanson, PhD

Psychologist and NYTimes Bestselling Author

Andrew Holecek

Author and Lecturer

Karina Mirsky

Psychosomatic Educator, Author, Retreat Leader

Chris Tompkins

Sanskrit scholar and Yoga practitioner specializing in the Ucchāra Tantric Kundalini Meditation Technique

Vered Kogan

Founder and CEO, The Momentum Institute

Rupert Spira

Author and Non-Dual Teacher

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

Creator of the Kutilaa School of Embodied Resilience, Movement Specialist, Yoga Therapist

Mark Tanaka

Attachment Healing and Eastern Somatics, Teacher and Coach

Lilly Balch

IAYT-Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Jacob Kyle

Founder of Embodied Philosophy

Elizabeth Borelli

Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness and Well-Being Coach, and Author

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD

Founder of the Strozzi Institute and Shihan seventh-degree black belt in Aikido

Dana Slamp

Yoga Therapist, Author, and Educator in New York City

Cain Carroll

Founder, The Clearbright Process

Brandee Safran

Yoga Therapist, Transformational Life Coach

Will Duncan

Dharma Teacher, Hospice Chaplain, and Lavender Farmer

Wambui Njuguna

Yoga Teacher & Mother

Toby Sola

Founder, Brightmind Meditation App

Jodi Earls

Yoga Instructor and Coach

Steven C. Hayes

Psychologist, researcher, originator of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Relational Frame Theory, and co-developer of Process-Based Therapy

Dr. Ron Siegel

Clinical psychologist, author, teacher at Harvard Medical School

Prema McKeever, M.Sci., SEP

Somatic Therapist & Path of Love Leader

Michael Stone

Founder of the NeuroDynamic Institute and NeuroDynamic Breathwork, Breathwork Facilitator

Lorin Roche PhD & Camille Maurine

Founders, Instinctive Meditation & Radiance Sutras School of Meditation

Dr. Leslie Korn

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Kristine Weber

Founder of Subtle Yoga

Joe Loizzo

Psychiatrist, Buddhist Scholar, Meditation Teacher and Trainer

Francesca Maximé

Somatic Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Poet, Author, & Host of the ReRooted Podcast

Hannah Grajko

Trauma Therapist

Christopher T Willard

Psychologist, Consultant, Author

Andrea Cairella

Nurturing Hearts, Transforming Lives, Enhancing Wellbeing

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Naturopathic Doctor & Gestalt Psychotherapist focusing on Family Constellations, Homeopathy, & Somatic Experiencing

Christopher Wallis

Classical Tantra teacher, Author of Tantra Illuminated

Laura J. Cornell, PhD

Divine Feminine Yogini, Sacred Writing, & Sacred Business Mentor

Talya Lutzker

Yoga Teacher, Cookbook Author, & Founder of Ayurveda Every Day with Talya

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Meet Your Host, Kelly Blaser

Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is dedicated to the power of metta (loving-kindness), meditation, and creative practice as avenues for accessing reality, and thus, true transformation at the personal and collective level. 

Kelly offers programs in meditation, mindfulness, creativity, and compassionate self-inquiry. She teaches practices that help people pierce through conditioning, open up to possibility, access authentic experiences of bold self-expression, heal splits inside themselves, and connect with the courage to create and accept change, both internally and collectively. 

She draws inspiration from the Zen, Vipassana, Vajrayana, Śaiva, and Śakta teachings, as well as from the wildness of nature, the insight of poetry, and the power of social change movements.​

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